Fit Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know that the fit is working well. I was able to get the full 56 miles in this morning and run afterwards without feeling tightness in my shoulders and neck. Just need to keep working on my fitness.
Brian W. Pass Christian, MS
I just got back from Louisville.  It was a "Sufferfest".  
The bike fitting has been awesome.   I ended up averaging 20mph on the course, so I was pretty happy with that considering the elevation gains.
I just wanted to say hello and thank you and Katie.

Matt A., Kansas City, MO

Was able to average 22.5 on that race yesterday with the new fit! Feel like it would have been even higher without all the wind. Overall it felt good. Thanks!

Kevin S., Hurley, MS

Would like to give a huge shoutout to Joseph at Pro Cycle and Tri in Fairhope for getting me dialed on both, my road and cross bikes yesterday. I only thought I had a good position on the bike. Using the RETUL system Joseph was able to make several small adjustments that made noticeable improvements on the spot. I was able to join the Tuesday ride that leaves from the shop, and there was no getting used to it. I was able to just hammer right out the door. Since he got my legs actually working in a proper "piston like" form my power numbers were higher than the Cat 2/3 road race I did last weekend! Well worth the road trip.

Josh Fuller, Montgomery, AL

The fit is great! That pain I was feeling in my shoulder has pretty much disappeared. I can't thank you enough. I wish I would have came pre-Ironman Cabo!

Lisa McCombs, Gulfport, MS

I'm on my way home from the Great Illinois Trail and Parks bike tour. I biked 54 miles the first day, 61 miles the second day, 63 miles yesterday. You have cured my burning feet problem! Joy to the world! Thank you so much. I was on the verge of giving up cycling.No new aches and pains from the adjustments. I am much slower clipping and unclipping but that will improve, I' m sure.Thank you again, Joseph.

Judy R., Montgomery, AL 

Thank you very much for my recent bike fit. I've been an avid cyclist for a number of years and more recently started road and mountain bike racing. For longer mountain bike events, I've been bothered by low back pain and fatigue after 20 miles of riding. After my recent fit, I was able to do 50 miles of mountain bike racing in Dahlonega, GA without a touch of back pain. I really appreciate the time you spend working with me getting the "right" fit. My pedal efficiency has improved as well as comfort. Please feel free to pass along my name as a reference to your skills.

Dr. Eric Cheung, Fairhope, AL

The bike felt great. Averaged 22.5 over 30 miles. Thanks!

Rickie R., Fairhope, AL

Having ridden road bicycles for over 12 years, I have come to recognize and appreciate the need for a professional, high quality, bicycle facility. Joseph and Katie Bolton have worked tirelessly to build a full service cycling business that can serve the needs of the recreational cyclist as well as the avid racer. Joseph and Katie are both cyclist and understand, first hand, the process of cycling. Joseph has invested much time in understanding bicycles and components. He is certified in all aspects of bicycle mechanics and maintenance and a good consultant when purchasing or adapting your existing bicycle to your specific need. His "sweet spot", bicycle fitting, has recently been notched up by an investment in the Retul 3D Fitting System. I have been amazed at the riding efficiency and comfort I have experienced since my fitting with the Retul System. Having had sports injuries, it is extremely important to me that all aspects of the bicycle fit are addressed and any corrections necessary are made. The computerized process is a quantum leap from the old laser and hand measurement fit method that many still employ. Now that I have experienced the Retul Fitting System and have ridden, I am amazed at the difference. My rides are more efficient, my speed and climbing are better and post ride aches and pains are greatly minimized. If you are a recreational rider, a triathlete, or a bicycle racer, the Retul fitting process will make a major difference in the quality of your rides. Joseph has trained extensively and understands the human body on a bicycle. He spends time setting you and the bike up for the Retul, communicates adjustments necessary for proper fit, makes changes, and checks via the Retul to be sure the fit is optimal. It is all on a screen so the rider can see. I can say with experience and confidence... go visit Joseph and Katie. Invest in proper bicycle fit. This is one situation where you truly get what you pay for. It will make a huge difference in your riding experience and keep you on a bicycle for a long time.

Katherine Monroe, Fairhope, AL



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