Katie's Pre-ride Momma Duck List

The purpose of this list is to educate and help make you and your fellow riders safe and predictable. If we are respectful and predictable on the road, hopefully the motorist we encounter will show the same respect back.

I, Katie, read the list below before every ride I lead.  It may get old to hear for my regulars but they keep coming back for more. 

Katie’s “Momma Duck” Pre Ride List
In no particular order -

- We are considered a vehicle. Think, would I do this driving?

- No more than two abreast.

- Stay two abreast, it is safer for a vehicle to pass a car than a train.

- Reach out and touch someone. Keep it as tight as you can horizontally. It will make it safer for people to drop back off the front and more importantly, safer for cars to pass.


- I have been pulled over for not coming to a complete stop. Also, there are multiple blind turns on the routes that need to be a complete stop before continuing on. People on the front need to stop, people behind can roll after, train mentality. There are differing opinions on front vs whole group having to stop, but damnit, someone stop.

- Don’t roll up to the line at traffic lights if there are cars in front!!! They may not see you and make a last minute decision to turn right, running over you, not good! Also, chances are they already passed you once, let’s not make them do it again, everyone it safer that way.

- NO AEROBARS unless off the back.


If it’s a social ride, maintain the advertised pace.

- When pulling off the front of the pace line, peel the banana. If you’re on the left peel off left, if you’re on the right, peel off right. It is the person that is pulling off job to slow down, not the person coming through to speed up. MAINTAIN THE PACE.

- If you are on the front you have to pedal the whole entire time.

- If you do not want to be on the front please communicate with the person next to you. Do not skip a pull, just pull off as soon as you are clear. It will keep the pace line happy, smooth, and avoid confusion.


- Maintain the pace line whether going up or down hills. Bicycles have brakes and multiple gears, use them.

- Communicate with fellow riders!

- If making a turn or going through a stop make sure the entire group can safely make it.

- Nothing in the ears unless it is a hearing aid. It’s a good thing to hear your fellow riders yell “hole!” Also a good thing to hear cars coming up behind you.

- When coming out of a stop, roll easy until the group is together.

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