***LAMB Ride is now scheduled annually for every second (2nd) Sunday in November.***

Pro Cycle & Triathlon will be hosting a LAMB (loop around Mobile Bay) ride on November 13, 2016 leaving at 6:00am. Keep in mind that this is a 120+ mile ride and is not suited for all skill levels. If you have never done over 100+ miles you may want to sit this one out, this won't be our last LAMB ride we host and you will have future opportunities to conquer Mobile Bay. Feel free to meet up with the group and split off at any time.

The ride will be LEAVING at 6:00am. Be sure to arrive and be ready to roll on time. Rear taillight required. This ride leaves in the dark. This ride also requires the group to catch a ferry once we arrive at Dauphin Island. There is a ferry scheduled to leave at 9:30am and chances are that they won't be waiting on us. HOWEVER, we leave at 6:00am in hopes of making the earlier ferry BUT it is not guaranteed in the event of uncontrollable circumstances such as mechanicals, trains, etc. There is another ferry scheduled to leave at 11:00am.
Click HERE for the Mobile Bay Ferry schedule.

We will be riding a moderate 18-20 mph pace. We will make it a no drop so we will stick together. If you have doubts that you can handle this route and pace please be considerate so we can keep the group moving at a moderate pace, it will be a long day either way. This route is somewhat flat but can get very windy, especially at the top of the Dauphin Island Bridge.  Be sure to bring ample cash for rest stops and to pay the ferry toll. We will find a volunteer to follow us in a car. If you're interested or know of somebody interested in providing SAG support let us know.


Please use the below previous routes as examples only. We do not guarantee that we will use any of the same routes.





We will have a fresh keg when we get back. Shower and changing facilities will be available too. Come out and enjoy conquering Mobile Bay with us. If you have any questions let us know. or 251.929.7060.

**This is ride at your own risk.**

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