PCT Professional Fitting Overview

Proper fit is critical for every rider and one of the most important factors when riding a bike.  Your bicycle is an extension of your body.  It doesn't matter how many fancy parts and gizmos you put on your bike, if your bike doesn't fit you properly, your missing out.  We want to help our clients to experience the joy of cycling and triathlon.  We want to make sure that nobody stops riding a bicycle due to pain or discomfort that can be addressed with a proper bike fit. Pro Cycle & Triathlon is THE place to get fit on the Gulf Coast. We provide an over-the-top, professional alternative to the traditional bike shop fitting experience. We have taken professional fitting seriously since day 1.
We sought out the top instructors in the world to train our staff so you can be assured that your getting the best fitting possible at Pro Cycle & Triathlon.  Pro Cycle & Triathlon has one of the few Retul Certified Master Fitters and Body Geometry Fit Certified Master Fitters in the world.  We cater to both cyclist and triathletes at any fitness level.  All fit adjustments are performed by a United Bicycle Institiute certified professional mechanic.

In the past, people had the idea that professional bike fittings were just for racers.  A professional bike fitting can benefit anybody riding a bike.  You can’t be efficient without feeling comfortable.  You deserve the efficiency of an appropriate bike fit.  Why settle for anything else?

At Pro Cycle & Triathlon, we utilize the Retul 3D dynamic fitting system and Retul Muve Dynamic Fit Bike. The Retul system incorporates three-dimensional measurement, immediate report capability, and a millimeter-specific digitizing tool to provide the most accurate dynamic fitting solution in the industry.

You will leave your professional fitting recognizing and understanding the reasons for your proper posture and position on your bike.



Guaranteed - We are so sure that you’ll love your fitting from Pro Cycle & Triathlon that we guarantee it!  All professional fitting services are guaranteed for 1 year.  If for any reason you do not feel that you are benefiting from your fit we want to know.  We will work hard to make it right.

Professional fittings are very detail oriented.  We do professional fittings by appointment only.  Call or email us to book an appointment when you are ready to go efficient with less effort. 251.929.7060 or


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