Why Get A Custom Bicycle?

Why Get A Custom Bicycle?

Every human body is different.  Sure most stock bicycle manufacturers do a fantastic job at designing bikes who fit most people pretty good but why not settle for perfection?

At Pro Cycle & Triathlon, we offer custom bicycles from top brands built just for you.
We can assist you in designing a custom dream bike to fit your every need.  Every detail is examined and anything is possible. We help you choose any size, any angle, any ride characteristic and paint job to make a custom bike that is for you and you only.  Custom bikes are what you dream of and the chances that a stock bike manufacturer shares your dreams is highly unlikely.  Why settle for anything less?


How is a custom bike better than a stock bike?

The difference with a custom bike is found in the fact that you have a company that wants to take the time to understand who you are as a rider, the terrain you ride on. They want to know as much about you as possible.

They have at their disposal the materials and expertise in design to build a bike for you personally so that it handles correctly and gives you everything you want in terms of ride quality. There are wonderful stock bikes on the market, but we can’t forget that those bikes are made for nobody in particular and likely someone who has different goals, aspirations and physiology than our typical athlete.



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